CLG have delivered over 3000 Email Lead Generation Campaigns in 19 markets since 2015.

We have worked with start-up companies that require end-to-end creative solutions through to global brands that require minor tweaks to existing creatives.

This experience has given us unrivalled access and knowledge of what makes a Campaign Convert.


All our solutions are bespoke but our core services include;

  • Mobile Responsive Fully coded Email HTML design and build.
  • Landing Page design, build and hosting services.
  • Thank You Page design and build.
  • Design marketing content, brochures, banner adverts, media decks, logo design and much more.
  • Full Website design and Build.

Other supporting service include;

  • Website Integration into 3rd party and internal APIs.
  • Send real-time leads to your specified email account(s).
  • Give you access to secure download CSV lead exports.
  • Provide a range of powerful web hosting solutions.
  • Implement and maintain SSL encryption certificates to protect your customer’s data.


If you are looking for professional website design or graphic design solutions for your business then simply contact us for a free quote today: 0203 002 2822



Campaign Objective: 5000 New Registrations in 12 weeks.

Targeting: Females, Aged 25-50. 

Payable Action: Completion of a 3 field Landing Page.


Sent Volume: 1,200,000
Open Rate: 93,694
Click Through Volume: 22,341
Conversion Volume: 5400
Open Rate Percentage: 7,8%
Click Through Percentage: 23%
Conversion Rate Percentage: 24%



Campaign Objective: 750 Brochure Requests and 300 Test Drives.

Targeting: Males, Aged 30 - 60, Earning over £40,000 per year.

Payable Actions: Application for Brochure Requests and / or Booking 24 Hour Test Drive.


Sent Volume: 1,500,000
Open Rate: 187,500
Click Through Volume: 15,000
Conversion Volume: 1500
Open Rate Percentage: 12,50%
Click Through Percentage: 8%
Conversion Rate Percentage: 15%