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Click Labs Group are a Digital Marketing Agency focused on Multichannel New Customer Acquisition.

With over 90m UK Email Addresses under our management and a boutique Affiliate Network we support over 300 Brands.

Whether you are an established brand or new to market we will tailor a solution to your specific requirements and budget ensuring the best return on your investment with us.

DMA Accredited and ICO Registered

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Client Campaigns



Campaign Objective: 5000 New Registrations in 12 weeks.

Targeting: Females, Aged 25-50. 

Payable Action: Completion of a 3 field Landing Page.


Sent Volume: 1,200,000
Open Rate: 93,694
Click Through Volume: 22,341
Conversion Volume: 5400
Open Rate Percentage: 7,8%
Click Through Percentage: 23%
Conversion Rate Percentage: 24%



Campaign Objective: 750 Brochure Requests and 300 Test Drives.

Targeting: Males, Aged 30 - 60, Earning over £40,000 per year.

Payable Actions: Application for Brochure Requests and / or Booking 24 Hour Test Drive.


Sent Volume: 1,500,000
Open Rate: 187,500
Click Through Volume: 15,000
Conversion Volume: 1500
Open Rate Percentage: 12,50%
Click Through Percentage: 8%
Conversion Rate Percentage: 15%



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